Siobhan finds her own voice on Album produced by Steve Anderson (Kylie/Leona Lewis)

After over 10 years playing the most memorable characters on stage Siobhan, has found her own voice for a beautiful new Album of carefully selected covers. Working with renowned producer - Steve Anderson (Kylie/Leona Lewis), they are currently in the midst of creating the album, with the first track being released at the end of the summer 2019.


Siobhan has just finished her Broadway debut in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Sunset Boulevard” starring alongside Glenn Close.

Siobhan has come a long way from her first introduction to audiences as runner up in the BBC TV talent show “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria”. So many incredible roles have led up to this moment including her breathtaking portrayal as Molly in “Ghost - The Musical” , the captivating Ellen in “Miss Saigon”,  the effervescent Vivienne in “Legally Blonde” and the brilliantly broken Sally Bowles in “Cabaret”.


In 2015 after being diagnosed with breast cancer everything changed, Siobhan says “It somehow made singing more important to me than ever. Being faced with this disease gave singing a whole new meaning and was almost like therapy for me. The words seemed to open flood gates of emotion when I put them to music and I would find myself using emotive songs as a vehicle for grieving my life as it had been before. The girl I used to be”


The idea of recording together was something Siobhan and producer Steve Anderson had talked about for many years but a timely meeting in late 2016 between the two about possible song selection prompted the sessions that resulted in this upcoming Album.


Siobhan recalls “It was during my treatment that I started collecting songs that really resonated with me. The songs that I wanted to record. It's important to add here that in the past I had felt this unspoken pressure to sing 'high and loud' so as to impress people. In musical theatre it's often the characters who sing the highest and most powerfully who seem to attract the most attention and receive the most acclaim. The joy of this selection of songs and this process for me, is that I am just telling stories to music. In the studio there was no room for high notes and ego. Just storytelling. A whole lot of truth came up during this time and it's set me free from those ideals I had been faced with before. I feel Ok now with just focusing on the storytelling. It has taken a while to trust my voice and trust that during this time, for these songs, it's Ok if I falter. It's also Ok if I get a lump in my throat and have to cut a word short. But most importantly it's Ok to not "be perfect". While editing tracks in the studio in the past, I’d listen back with producers while they painstakingly chose the best words or even syllables for pitch and tone. Now I just ask Steve if it moved him- or more often than not he'll tell me after a take that he didn't believe me and so we'll do it again! It's so refreshing to approach recorded music in this way. Just storytelling to music. 

This will be the Album that I think reflects the first stage of this caterpillar/butterfly process.”

But most importantly it’s Ok to not “be perfect”


“The result will be the most beautiful portrayal of incredible songs, every one both vulnerable yet powerful and most importantly completely believable. An actress can take a character and embody them but to find her own voice and perform challenging, personal life experiences is something truly magical and profoundly affecting.”

Steve Anderson


Siobhan sums it up

“For the first time in my life I feel truly vulnerable when I am singing these songs. It's terrifying and exhilarating at the same time”.