Jan 21st

We’re all in the theatre!! It’s BEAUTIFUL!
The Palace on Times Square. I can’t believe this is happening to me. Back when I was 12 years old and learned what Broadway was… ever since then I’ve wanted to sing on a Broadway stage. Crazy. So so crazy.
We blocked some ensemble numbers for spacing as it was the first time we’d been on the set. There were people running around all over from all departments… lighting, sound, wardrobe, wigs, scenery, props, creatives…
what a life. What an incredible time for me. I am quite literally living the dream. So much gratitude right now. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•

Jan 16th

Week 2 of rehearsals.
This company is on fire! Everyone has learnt everything and is completely off book.
Glenn is as mesmerizing as ever.
Every time I watch her, it’s an acting master class. Pure brilliance.
We are so so lucky to be working with such a legend. An exquisite talent. But also, and just as importantly, a humble, kind and gentle woman.
Gratitude by the bucket load today!